Thyagaraja Mahima

Featuring 14 Bharatanatyam dancers, the production was a classical dance tribute to celebrate the genius of Saint Poet Thyagaraja, one of the greatest composers of Carnatic music.

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Punyah Krishna & Other Works by Parshwanath Upadhye

The company commissioned  renowned dancer and choreographer Parshwanath Upadhye to work with local dance artists from in and around Toronto for an evening length work of his choreography

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Artistic Director, Lata Pada,  joined forces with Balinese choreographer Dr. Wayan Dibia on an uncharted journey of Bharatanatyam and Balinese dance in PRALAYA – a modern telling of a scene from the magnificent Indian epic – Mahabharata. This production saw its world premiere in Toronto and then went on a National tour across 7 cities from Vancouver to Montreal .

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Visually engaging and aurally exquisite, Nirantara explored the personal and universal, where space and time defy and elude memory and reality. Choreographed by Lata Pada and composed by Anil Srinivasan, the production showcased 6 talented dancers from both India and Canada to live music by Sikkil Gurucharan and Anil Srinivasan , accompanied by musicians Aruna Narayan Kalle and S Surenthar.

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Presenting the best of both classical and contemporary Bharatanatyam, Prayoga which means innovation saw Sampradaya exploring their artistic journey further in the classical dance form with contemporary themes and concepts. Redefining the boundaries with fresh new choreographic perspectives, Prayoga also witnessed a bolstering collaboration with award winning musicians and composers from India and Canada.

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Taj, one of Sampradaya’s most ambitious projects, was an exciting dance-theatre production that drew from one of the most enduring love stories of the world. The work chronicled the piercing human drama behind the magnificent architectural wonder, the Taj Mahal. Deeply poetic, elegant and evocative, Taj brought together leading actors, dancers, composers, musicians, costume designers and visual artists to bring to life the drama behind the majestic edifice.
First commissioned for the Luminato Festival in 2011, the making of Taj saw the production evolve in its artistic journey, enriched by the talents of artists from across the world. Written by Governor General Award-winning playwright John Murrell and directed by Dora-winning opera director Tom Diamond, Taj explored the saga behind the Taj Mahal through dance , music and poetry starring international film, television and theatre star Kabir Bedi and acclaimed Canadian actress Lisa Ray. The rich and riveting theatrical elements were seamlessly threaded with the dance choreography of legendary Kathak artist Padmabhusan Kumudini Lakhia with an ensemble of dancers from across three continents to bring the story of the historic monument to life.

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Bringing together a range of choreographic voices from Canada, India, England and Belgium, Alchemy explored the unlimited potential of the human body and the mind. The production was an imaginative triple billed evening of Indian contemporary dance that included the works Bridges, Stealth and Rising.

Bridges: Gifted choreographer Natasha Bakht created a work that imbued Bhartanatyam’s distinct syntax for an electrifying contemporary group ensemble.

Stealth: Transforming the powerful physicality of Chhau, a martial art form from the State of Orissa in Eastern India, into a kinetic modern work, Stealth was a contemporary movement performance piece choreographed by the dynamic Santosh Nair.

Rising: Acclaimed international choreographers Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui created works for the very talented Aakash Odedra whose energetic and renegade style of dance rooted in Kathak pushes the frontiers and challenges our view of Indian dance.

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Celebrating Sampradaya’s 20th anniversary, the company staged Sarupyam - Visions of the Divine. The production was a grand showcase of Bharatanatyam, celebrated for its sophistication, subtlety and stylization.

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‘Unity in Diversity’- Samvad, which means dialogue in Sanskrit, highlighted the two worlds we, as Canadians, straddle – one of our source culture and the other of the eclectic and cosmopolitan culture of today. A cross-cultural work with established choreographers Michael Greyeyes and Charmaine Headly, the work provided a forum for inter-cultural work that aesthetically and intellectually forged a convergence of tradition and modernity.

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B2 (b-squared)

Developed through a joint choreo-residency between Sampradaya Dance Creations and Ballet Jorgen Canada, B2 is a daring exploration of the convergence of Bharatanatyam and Ballet. Preserving and perpetuating two distinct classical styles in all its’ rigor, the piece explored the dialogue between these two divergent dance genres within a singular space.

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Inspired by the concept and the underlying riddles of ‘zero’ which can mean both an abyss of emptiness and an infinite fullness of space, Sampradaya Dance Creations staged ‘Shunya’. Rooted in ancient esoteric traditions and drawing from the classical dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathak, the dance production was an exciting artistic undertaking that received its world premiere at the company’s Home Season in Toronto in May 2008.

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Extending the boundaries of contemporary Bharatanatyam, HowZaat was a satirical look at the world of cricket that explored the subtext of colonialism, politics and popular culture. A metaphor for reverse colonization, cricket, a quintessentially English game, is today synonymous with the national identity of many South Asian nations. With an extensive use of mime, the piece also encompassed movement vocabulary from the martial art form of Kalari to tell a story of India’s most beloved game.

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Vivarta – Manifestations of Vishnu

Based on the mythological theme featuring the ten incarnations of the Hindu God Vishnu, Vivarta was a showcase of the highly stylized form of Bharatanatyam and its many poetic excursions with the rich subject matter of the Dasavatar.

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Soraab – Mirage

Soraab-Mirage explores a relentlessly enduring theme of identity and transformation of women in a sometimes hostile, often unforgiving contemporary world. The shifting sand dunes and the haunting melodies of Afghanistan form the backdrop for this powerful chronicle of a woman who dreams of freedom under the oppression of the Taliban regime.

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Revealed By Fire

A contemporary multimedia dance work featuring the story of a woman’s journey of transformation forged in unspeakable tragedy, Revealed by Fire charts Lata Pada’s rediscovery of individual power and voice following the loss of her husband and two daughters to a terrorist bombing. An inspiring autobiographical work that combines a personal journey of discovery with the universal quest of identity, Lata Pada and renowned visual designer Cylla von Tiedemann forged new frontiers for dance and moving images. Regarded by leading critic Michael Crabb as “the most important Canadian dance production” of the year, Revealed by Fire took Sampradaya Dance Creations towards a new direction in their journey in dance. It brought together an artistic team of multidisciplinary collaborators from musicians to playwrights, from photographers and film makers to visual designers that helped in shaping this momentous production.

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